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Steps to avoiding the rabbit hole of negativity

I am convinced that quickest way to slide down the rabbit hole of negativity is to allow yourself to become a complacent participant in life by cutting off your connectivity with others. Look, I get it, maybe you are going through cancer treatment or other health issues, or you are dealing with an unexpected financial burden, or maybe a break-up, death of a loved one, … Continue reading Steps to avoiding the rabbit hole of negativity

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Finding “Me” in a Photo

I have always been fascinated with photography.  Oh, not in a way that I ever wanted to pursue any sort of career with it.  No, I’ll gladly leave that pursuit to my very talented brother and sister-in-law who have spent decades mastering not only a variety of camera lens and filters to achieve a perfect shot, but also possess a level of chill and patience … Continue reading Finding “Me” in a Photo

Stop collecting wisdom…Cultivate it!

A man does not know what he knowsuntil he knows what he doesn’t know.-Laurence J. Peter Prior to what I now call my own “Period of Enlightenment”, I’m ashamed to say that once I hit my twenties, my approach to cultivating wisdom, involved nothing more than the curation of “wise” people and “wise” experiences with a sort of impersonal detachment one might feel when walking … Continue reading Stop collecting wisdom…Cultivate it!