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Reflecting positively on life’s weeds

There is good in the weeds! I truly believe in the healing power of positivity not only to heal us physically and emotionally, but to inspire us to live our lives seeking not what is wrong, but what is right!    That’s challenging because humans are curious creatures and it is our curiosity that pushes us into negative territory time and time again. Now I’m … Continue reading Reflecting positively on life’s weeds

Stop collecting wisdom…Cultivate it!

A man does not know what he knowsuntil he knows what he doesn’t know.-Laurence J. Peter Prior to what I now call my own “Period of Enlightenment”, I’m ashamed to say that once I hit my twenties, my approach to cultivating wisdom, involved nothing more than the curation of “wise” people and “wise” experiences with a sort of impersonal detachment one might feel when walking … Continue reading Stop collecting wisdom…Cultivate it!